Habitat Facts + FAQs

Our mission is to put God’s love into action by bringing Greater Fort Wayne together to build homes, communities, and hope.

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Habitat homes are not free.

Our partner families must complete up to 250 hours of sweat equity, pay $1,000 toward the purchase of their home, and repay an affordable mortgage. 

We strive to build each of our homes for less than the appraised value. Cost will vary based on the home’s size — each home is appraised by an independent & licensed appraiser. 

Learn more about our homeownership program.

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People of all backgrounds, races, religions, etc. partner with Habitat to purchase a home

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne is an Equal Opportunity Lender and a Fair Housing organization. We follow all Equal Opportunity Lending and Fair Housing laws, and encourage anyone who fits in our eligibility criteria to apply during open enrollment times or reach out to us with questions.


Habitat GFW builds quality, energy-efficient homes

We develop quality, attractive, simple, modern homes. All homes built by Habitat of Greater Fort Wayne meet or surpass every building code in the communities where we build. 

All homes must pass stringent inspections by city or county inspectors. While most work is done by volunteers, all volunteers are trained and supervised by Habitat staff. In addition, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and other skilled work is done by licensed professionals.

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Habitat homeowners help taxpayers and builds stronger, more vibrant communities

It’s simple math: the more housings costs eat up your income, the less you have to invest elsewhere. For folks who need to spend more than a third of their income on housing, things like healthcare, nutritious food, education, transportation, saving for the future, and investing in the local economy get harder to pay for. When you have a home that’s affordable for you, all those other areas of your community benefit as well.

Additionally, more often than not, affordable housing enhances local tax revenues by improving substandard housing stock. Instead of low or no payment of taxes by distressed properties, affordable homeowners and renters contribute to the community. For example, Twin Cities Habitat homeowners contribute millions in property taxes each year.

Whether you rent or own, if your housing is affordable you can stop moving as frequently and put roots down in your community. And that’s a win for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Habitat give away homes for free?

No. All Habitat homeowners must complete up to 250 hours of sweat equity, pay $1,000 toward the purchase of their home and repay an affordable mortgage on the home.

How much does a house cost?

Here at Habitat we strive to build each of our homes for less than the appraised value.

Does the cost vary by house size?
Yes, homes are appraised by an independent & licensed appraiser. So, when a home has additional square footage it will vary in price.
What are the terms of the mortgage?

Mortgages are financed with terms depending on what is affordable for each specific family.

Where does the mortgage money go? Does that help fund more homes?

Mortgage payments are received by Habitat. That money goes directly back into the organization, allowing Habitat to invest in additional housing opportunities in the community. This sustainable revolving revenue stream is known as the Fund for Humanity.

How do I sign up for the program?

Please see our general qualifications for our homeownership program here: Homeownership page. For any questions, contact Habitat at 260.422.4828 or email for more information.

Once a family is in the program, what do they have to do before Habitat starts building their home? How many hours do they have to have, etc.?

All families who are accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program are required to complete up to 250 hours of sweat equity which includes  homebuyer education, working at the Habitat ReStore and building at the construction site.

What happens to the money I donate to Habitat?

Donations made to Habitat help support Habitat’s mission of building homes, communities and hope. All donors can designate their investment into Habitat wherever their interests or desired support lies- some donors choose to give directly to a home build or the Habitat ReStore. If a designation is not made, donations go toward whatever is the greatest need at the time.

How can I help Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne?
Habitat for Humanity offers multiple ways for individuals to join us in our efforts to make the dream of homeownership a reality for hardworking families. Whether it’s swinging a hammer, answering phones, assisting customers at the ReStore, providing a meal to our volunteers on the job site, or serving on one of our volunteer committees, there is a place for individuals from all walks of life to volunteer at Habitat.

For more information on how to get started volunteering with Habitat, simply email us at 

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.