2021 Partner Families

Our mission is to build safe, decent, affordable homes and financially educate our families to set them up for success.


The Taylor FAMILY

Single mom LaPria and her son Elgen are excited to move into their new home in the Mt. Vernon Park neighborhood of Fort Wayne. Their new home will provide a spacious backyard for them to expand their gardening efforts! This year, they’re growing carrots and watermelon in pots outside their apartment, but a backyard will give them the room to grow even more!


Thank you. This is a blessing.

The Taylor Family

2021 Habitat Homeowners

What will be the best part of the new house?

I’m most looking forward to having my own backyard — the perfect place for Elgen to play safely and plenty of space to expand our garden.

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

LaPria says she pretty easy-going and loves shopping for deals (especially at Marshalls). She and Elgen enjoy playing together and spending time with family.

Elgen's Favorites

Like most boys his age, Elgen loves cars, nerf guns, and video games. 



Lukesha Bradford is one of the kindest people you’ll meet. She is a full-time caretaker with AID of Indiana where she assists people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She loves her job, every day is something new, and she feels like those she cares for are an extension of her family. Lukesha describes her household as 2-1/2 people which includes her daughter A’Zirea (“Z”), who just graduated high school, and their dog, Baby Phat.


“I love you all!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you this dream would not come true. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God has smiled on me and my family because of you. -Love Kesha & Z”

The Bradford Family

2021 Habitat Homeowners

Why do you want to become a homeowner?

I want to have something that belongs to me and I can be proud. I want a place I can take care of and have helped build myself.

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

Lukesha and Z enjoy watching TV and movies, going out to eat, playing games, going to concerts, walking, reading books, and spending time with their church family.

What is unique to your new home?

When Lukesha was in 4th grade her family moved to Fort Wayne. As a kid, she grew up going to Weisser Park nearly every day which will now be right across the street from where her new home will be built!


The davis FAMILY

Tyrone Davis is a hard worker and ready to reach his goal of homeownership and learn all he can through the Habitat process. Homeownership means he can provide a stable foundation not just for himself, but for his sons De’marco (22) and Dy’Quan (14). Tyrone believes that becoming a homeowner will be the physical representation to prove to his sons that “no matter what you go through you can make it.”


“I’m so thankful and grateful for all the work you’ve done to help me take the next step in my life.”

The Davis Family

2021 Habitat Homeowners

What may be the biggest change to becoming a homeowner?

I believe homeownership, having a place of our own, will strengthen the bond I have with my boys and bring us closer together.

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

As a family, Tyrone and his boys enjoy going to the movies, playing sports, and just hanging out together. His youngest is looking forward to playing high school football.

Tell us about your boys

My oldest is currently serving in the Marine Corps and I couldn’t be more proud. My youngest is currently planning to be a Paleontologist one day and I’m proud of the drive he has at school and his good grades.



The Aldrich FAMILY

Jacquie and her daughter Morgan are beyond excited for their home in the Oakdale neighborhood of Fort Wayne. Their new home  will be close to Jacquie’s work and it’s just a mile down the road from their church, Redeemer Lutheran.

Unique to most Habitat partner families this year, the Aldrich’s will be moving into a rehabbed historic home through a collaboration between Habitat GFW and the City of Fort Wayne. 


“I don’t think words could ever express how grateful and happy we are. We wish God’s blessings to each and everyone.”

The Aldrich Family

2021 Habitat Homeowners

What may be the biggest change to becoming a homeowner?

The biggest changes will be the small things like central air, a dishwasher, and two working bathrooms. An affordable mortgage will also allow us to save money.

Are you excited for a rehabbed historic home?

I have always loved older homes and I hope all the beautiful woodwork throughout new home can be saved during rehab.

Tell us about your daughter

She’s a straight ‘A’ student who takes all honors classes, she made the varsity softball team as a freshman, volunteers, and has her sites set on going to school for marketing after her senior year this year.


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