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Family holding keys to their new home

Homeownership Application

Your first step towards affordable homeownership begins here! Please follow the prompts below:

Homeownership Application


Have you lived or worked in the county you selected above in the last twelve (12) months?
Do you currently own a home?
Have you had a foreclosure in the past two (2) years?
Do you have a bankruptcy that has not been discharged/dismissed for at least two (2) years?
Are you willing to contribute up to 250 volunteer hours by attending homeownership classes, working at the Habitat ReStore, and construction site?
Are you willing to save $1,500 toward the purchase of your home?
Round to the nearest whole number. Just numbers. No symbols. (i.e. 4000 NOT $3,999.51)
Your Current Address
Your Current Address
How did you hear about us?

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Applications closed

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