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Church group donating lunch

Volunteer Lunch Donor

Volunteers filling plates with food

Fueling Community

Lunchtime on the construction site is a moment for our volunteers, construction staff, Partner Families, and crew leads to relax and enjoy a meal and conversation together. A home-cooked meal, carryout, or a mix of both is always appreciated and any age is welcome to participate.

If your group or organization is volunteering on the build site please consider providing lunch for all volunteers and staff on that day, not just your group.


Your Lunch Donation Day

Time to Deliver

Deliver by 11:00 am

Location + How Many to Feed

An email will be sent to you a few days prior to your donation with a location to deliver to and the number of volunteers to feed (on average we have around 12-15 people).


Plan to park along the street, but be mindful not to block driveways. If you have a lot to carry, our staff is always willing to help!

Habitat Will Provide:

  • tables
  • serving utensils
  • bottled water
  • electrical hook-ups

homemade favorites

Delivery and Pick-Up Ideas

Jimmy Johns


Salsa Grille




Club Room at the Clyde

Lunch Box Cafe

Out of a Jam

Thank you to all our lunch donors!

Crushed aluminum cans

every can counts

Love helping the environment? Learn more about how you can get involved with our year-long fundraiser by recycling aluminum cans throughout Fort Wayne.