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Privacy Policy

This policy has been updated on, and is valid as of, April 1, 2024.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne (“Habitat GFW”) respects your privacy and preferences. This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) sets forth the terms under which you share your personal data with Habitat GFW, how Habitat GFW collects and uses your data, and your rights with respect to understanding and modifying how it will be collected and used.

I. How does this Privacy Policy apply to you?


This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data provided to Habitat GFW when you make a donation, register for an event, sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, or otherwise provide us with information via the Habitat GFW Website located at It also applies to personal data you may provide to Habitat GFW via telephone, email, regular mail, social media, texting, mobile applications, at a special event, in response to a solicitation or face-to-face.


It is Habitat GFW’s policy not to solicit knowingly any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. Children under 13 are not authorized to make a donation or purchase, sign up for an event or program, or otherwise provide any personally identifiable information without consent from a parent or legal guardian.

II. Why do we hold and process personal data?

Habitat GFW may request from you, or you may volunteer to provide, your contact information, including your name, mailing address, phone number(s), social media handles and email address(es). We hold and process supporters’ personal data for a number of reasons:

 To keep a record of donations made and actions taken by our supporters and our communications with them
 To send our supporters marketing information about our projects, fundraising activities and appeals where we have their consent or are otherwise permitted to do so
* To support volunteers, such as during build or fundraising events

  • To support community-based fundraising and campaigning
  • To ensure we do not send unwanted information to supporters or members of the public who have informed us they do not wish to be contacted
    * To manage supporters’ accounts and provide customer service
  • To perform other functions as described at the time Habitat GFW collects information.

If you make a donation or a purchase with Habitat GFW, or otherwise provide us your information, Habitat GFW may contact you from time to time about opportunities to make additional donations or purchases or to provide you information about upcoming programs.

We may also analyze your personal information to create a record of your interests and preferences. This allows us to ensure communications are relevant and timely, to contact you in the most appropriate and relevant way and in general to provide you with an improved user experience. It also helps us to understand the background of our supporters so that we can make appropriate requests for support, enabling us to raise funds and help beneficiaries sooner and more cost-effectively.

III. When will we send you personalized marketing communications?

Habitat GFW will contact you for marketing purposes—for example, to keep you up to date on our work, or let you know how you can support that work—only where we have your consent or we are otherwise allowed to do so because of your prior engagement with Habitat GFW, as explained further below (see “Our Reliance on Your Prior Support”).

We will make it easy for you to tell us if you would like to receive marketing communications from us and hear more about our work and the ways in which you would like to receive this information. We will not send you marketing material if you tell us that you do not wish to receive it. To update your communication preferences please see section IX for contact information.


Your ongoing consent is presumed unless you inform us that you wish to be removed from our contact list.

Our Reliance on Your Prior Support:

You may also receive marketing information from Habitat GFW if you have previously made a similar donation to, or have previously purchased similar goods and services from, Habitat GFW or a Habitat National Organization. However, we will not rely solely on the fact that you once supported us as the basis for our continued marketing to you if you have opted out of receiving emails, newsletters, or other marketing materials in your communications to Habitat GFW or a Habitat National Organization.

IV. How and when do we obtain information about you?

Habitat GFW may obtain your personal data in the following circumstances:

a. When you give it to Habitat GFW

We will obtain your personal data directly when you make a donation, sign up for one of our events, purchase or donate products from the Fort Wayne ReStore, or when you communicate with us directly in some other way.

b. When you give it to a Habitat Affiliate or Habitat National Organization

We may obtain your personal information indirectly when you are referred by or sign up for an event sponsored by a Habitat Affiliate or National Organization. In such cases, the Habitat National Organization will share your data with Habitat GFW to enable us to contact you about your volunteer event or about future Habitat GFW programs and support opportunities. It may also be shared if it is a necessary part of completing a contract or other legal obligations to you in connection with your participation in an event.

c. When you give it to Habitat GFW indirectly

We will obtain your personal data when you communicate to your employer or to a retail partner of Habitat GFW during your point of purchase that you affirmatively designate Habitat GFW to receive a personal contribution from you.

Sometimes your personal data is collected by an organization working on Habitat GFW’s behalf (for example, a professional fundraising agency). In such cases, the agency is acting on our behalf, and we are the “data controller” responsible for the security and proper processing of your data, just as if you had given it to Habitat GFW directly.

d. When you access Habitat GFW’s sponsored social media

We might also obtain your personal data through your use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, depending on your settings or the privacy policies of these social media and messaging services. To change your settings on these services, please refer to their privacy notices, which will tell you how to do this.

e. When the information is publicly available

We might also obtain personal data about individuals who may be interested in giving major gifts to charities or organizations like Habitat GFW. In these cases, we may seek to find out more about these individuals’ interests and motivations for giving through publicly available information. The information sources may include newspaper or other media coverage, open postings on social media sites such as LinkedIn, and services that aggregate data on charitable giving.

f. When we use cookies

Cookies are a useful way for us to understand how supporters use Habitat GFW’s web site. When you visit our web site, we will use cookies to collect data from your computer or other device, such as a smart phone or tablet. Cookies are created by your web browser when you visit our website. Every time you return to our website, your browser will send the cookie file back to the website’s server. They improve your experience of using our website by, for example, preserving your preference settings so that you are shown information likely to be most relevant to you, and measuring your use of the website so that we may continuously improve it. Cookies can also be used to show you relevant Habitat GFW content on social media services. For more information on our use of cookies and how you can control your cookie preferences, see below at Habitat GFW’s Cookies Policy.

The Habitat GFW website may contain hyperlinks to websites owned and operated by other organizations, including private sector partners, other NGOs and charities, and Habitat National Organizations. These third-party websites have their own privacy policies, including policies on the use of cookies, which would apply to the use of personal information you submit or which is collected by cookies while visiting those websites. Habitat GFW cannot accept responsibility for the privacy practices of such third-party websites, and we recommend therefore that you familiarize yourself with their policies.

V. What personal information might Habitat GFW collect?

Habitat GFW will only collect personal data about you that is relevant to the type of transaction or project you have engaged in with us.

For example, we may receive and retain personal information about you when you contact Habitat GFW to make a donation, purchase or donate and item at the Fort Wayne ReStore, or sign up to any of Habitat GFW’s activities or online content (such as newsletters); or when you telephone, email, or write to us, or engage with us via social media channels. In each of these cases, the information we collect is relevant to the type of transaction you are entering into. Data such as your name email or postal address, telephone or mobile number will be necessary both to execute these transactions as well as to enable us contact you for further engagement. Bank account or credit card details will be necessary to process any donations.

Credit card and billing information:

**** In addition to your contact information, when you make a donation or purchase, Habitat GFW asks for your billing address and credit card or other financial services information. Habitat GFW uses a third-party banking agent to process your payments via a secured socket layer connection (TLS 1.2 using SHA 256 encryption) to a secured server that verifies your credit card/bank information. They return a unique tracking number only, which cannot be decrypted to obtain the payment card information, and Habitat GFW never retains your complete credit card number. Only employees who need access to your personal information to perform a specific job are granted access to that information, and Habitat GFW and our banking agent will not share your credit card/bank information with any other third party.

Sensitive Personal Data: We do not collect your “sensitive personal data” (e.g., health or dietary information) unless there is a clear reason for doing so—such as your participation in a sponsored physical event—and then only to the extent such data is required to ensure that we provide appropriate facilities or support to enable you to participate in the event.

Should you support Habitat GFW in a substantial way, we may provide an account manager to help tailor your relationship to us and the information you receive from us to suit your interests. If this is the case, we may collect demographic data where relevant to your relationship with Habitat GFW. If you provide us with information about your health or your family, this may also be recorded so we can communicate with you in a considerate and appropriate manner.

All sensitive personal data is stored on a password-protected system to which only a limited number of relevant staff have access. It is deleted when no longer needed by us, is never shared with third parties, and is available to you at any point should you wish to see it.

VI. How will Habitat GFW use your personal data?

Habitat GFW will use your personal information for the following purposes:

a. For administrative reasons, including:

  • “service administration”, which means that Habitat GFW may contact you for reasons related to administering any donations you have made, the completion of commercial or other transactions you have entered into with us, or the activity or online content you have signed up for;
  • to confirm receipt of donations (unless you have asked us not to do this), and to say thank you and provide details of how your donation might be used;
  • in relation to correspondence you have entered into with us whether by letter, email, text, social media, message board or any other means, and to contact you about any content you provide;
  • for internal record keeping so as to keep a record of your relationship with us;
  • to complete sales transactions you have entered into with us, for example at The Fort Wayne ReStore;
  • to implement any instructions you give us with regard to withdrawing consent to send marketing information;
  • to use IP addresses to identify the location of users, to block disruptive use, and to establish the number of visits from different countries.

b. For marketing and fundraising
Sections II and III above describe what data may be used for marketing and fundraising purposes and under what circumstances.

c. Analysis

To analyze and improve the activities and content offered by the Habitat GFW website to provide you with the most user-friendly navigation experience. We may also use and disclose personal information in aggregate (so that no individuals are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes.

VII. Will we share your information outside the Habitat network?

Habitat GFW will not share your information outside the Habitat network.

VIII. How long will Habitat GFW keep your personal information?

We will hold your personal information on our contact lists only for as long as you continue to provide your consent. Your ongoing consent is presumed unless you inform us that you wish to be removed from our contact list. To update your communication preferences please see section IX for contact information.

If you request that we stop sending you marketing materials, we will keep a record of your contact details and appropriate information to enable us to comply with your request not to be contacted by us.

Legacy income is vital to the running of the charity. We may keep data you provide to us indefinitely, to carry out legacy administration and communicate effectively with the families of people leaving us legacies.

This also enables us to identify and analyze the source of legacy income we receive.

IX. How to control what we send you and update your personal information

The accuracy of your information is important to us. We want to ensure that we are able to communicate with you in ways that you are happy with and to provide you with information that is of interest.

If you wish to change how we communicate with you or update the information we hold, then please contact us:

  • To amend your contact preferences for any type of communication, email us, or write to us at: Habitat for Humanity of GFW; 2020 E. Washington Blvd., Suite 500, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 (to amend your preferences for any communication channel);
  • To amend your contact preferences for e-newsletters, you may unsubscribe at the bottom of the email any time by clicking the unsubscribe link or by contacting us at

Timing of implementation. In responding to requests to not receive marketing information, we will take all reasonable steps to remove you from all Habitat GFW marketing lists.

If you have already been selected for inclusion in a Habitat GFW marketing campaign at the time you requested to not receive such information, we may be unable to remove you from that campaign.

X. How Habitat GFW keeps your data safe

We ensure that there are appropriate technical controls in place to protect your personal details. For example, our online forms that ask for personal information are stored on networks that are password-protected and routinely monitored. Laptops are not used to store sensitive personal information unless they are both password protected or encrypted. All sensitive personal data is stored on a secure database, to which only a limited number of relevant personnel have access. It is deleted when no longer needed by us and is never shared with third parties, except as expressly set forth in Sections III and IV.

Within Habitat GFW, we undertake regular reviews of who has access to information that we hold to ensure that your information is only accessible by appropriately trained staff, volunteers, and contractors. Where we share your personal data with a Habitat National Organization, the National Organization is required to take comparable steps to assure that your information is securely stored and accessed only by appropriately trained personnel.

XI. Changes to Habitat GFW’s Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to Habitat GFW. The date of the most recent revisions will appear on this page. If you do not agree to these changes, please do not continue to use the Habitat GFW website to submit personal information to Habitat GFW. If material changes are made to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you by placing a prominent notice on the website.

Habitat GFW Cookies Policy

How and why we use cookies: Cookies are used to enable us to improve our services by, for example:

  • remembering if you are logged in so you can move around the website without having to log in again on each page;
  • measuring how many people are using each page of the website and for how long so that we can try to improve the quality of our website;
  • enabling you to view content shared on social media or sharing sites, such as YouTube or Facebook.

If you reside in the United States or Canada, cookies may also be used for “re-targeting” in advertising campaigns so that third-party vendors can display advertising to you about Habitat GFW or other related entities as you use the internet.

How to manage and delete cookies. If you wish to restrict or block the cookies set by the Habitat GFW website, you can do this through your computer or device’s browser settings. The Help function within your browser should tell you how.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit, which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of browsers. You will also find details on how to delete cookies from your computer as well as more general information about cookies.

Please be aware that restricting cookies may affect the functionality of the Habitat GFW website.

If you visit our website as an anonymous visitor (e.g. you switch off cookies), Habitat GFW may still collect certain information from your browser, such as the IP address (which uniquely identifies a computer or other internet device).

Privacy Agreement

This policy may change at any time and will be updated on this website. We encourage you to check for policy updates regularly, and if you do not agree with this or any revised policy, we ask that you exit the website immediately.

If you have any questions about our company’s privacy policy, or would like any currently collected data removed, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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Unsolicited creative submissions/communications

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Limitation of liability

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Changes of these terms of service

Habitat GFW reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time, without notice to you. Please consult the most recent version of these Terms of Service each time you view the Website.