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Habitat Families

  • We are so grateful…this is a blessing. Throughout the Habitat program, I realized I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. I worked 60 hours a week, came home to my kids to juggle school conferences, homework, and life, and still volunteered 200 hours through the program.


    Habitat Homeowner

Ciaira and family in front of their new home


When their mom passed away, Ciaira became the guardian of her youngest brother. “I had been applying for a mortgage before Habitat and even though I had a good job and was making good money, it wasn’t possible.” Luckily, a friend recommended the Habitat Homeownership Program to Ciaira and she decided to give it a try.

“All it took was a little bit of faith, a lot of prayer, and patience.”

As we celebrated Ciaira’s home dedication this spring, she shared she’s excited and proud of what she’s accomplished. Not only will affordable homeownership provide financial stability and security to her family, but they will now have a permanent space to make lasting memories, connect with their community, and create a future.

  • My favorite part of this process was helping build the first walls of our home. We’re most looking forward to the holidays, the birthday parties, and all the memories we’ll make. We love you all for your time and generosity, thank you!


    Habitat Homeowner

Shiann and Derek with kids on front porch


Shiann and Derek are parents to two energetic children and before becoming homeowners they shared a home with family members with one bathroom for six people.

As someone who doesn’t typically push herself out of her comfort zone, Shiann is so thankful and proud that she applied for the Habitat program. Not only will their new home give them more space to spread out as a family, but it will also create equity and increase their financial security.

Pink door with Habitat keychain in lock

Every family deserves a safe, affordable place to live, learn, work, and play.

  • This home will provide stability for my family and allow me to create financial security for my children.


    Habitat Homeowner

Jessica holding key to new home


Jessica is a mother of 4 and is the Director of Operations for a local Fort Wayne non-profit. After living in a 3-bedroom apartment for 4 years, Jessica’s rent unexpectedly increased by over $300/month! With a much higher rent payment in the budget, Jessica applied for the Habitat program to see if she would qualify for an affordable, stable mortgage.

Once accepted into the program, Jessica was a trailblazer — she completed all 200 hours of sweat equity in under 100 days! She decided to keep her Habitat journey a secret from her children so she could surprise them with what they’ve all been dreaming of…a home all their own.

  • Becoming a homeowner, and having the opportunity to pass this down to my daughter when the time came, was the end goal. I was going to do all I could to make that happen.”


    Habitat Homeowner

TiAnna and her two kids cutting ribbon at home dedication


Two years after her bankruptcy, TiAnna was determined to apply for the Habitat Homeownership Program and show her children homeownership was possible.

TiAnna got a second job to help with saving money, and continued going to school, all while working hard to finish her 200 hours of sweat equity. Her dedication paid off when she closed on her new home in just 9 months!

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