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I’m thankful for the opportunity to purchase a home and give my kids a stable place to grow.

Moe Min

2022 Habitat Homeowner

Moe-Min_Sweat Equity

Born and raised in Burma (now Myanmar), Moe Min emigrated to Thailand to escape the government regime. In the early 2010’s Moe and his family emigrated to the United States, settling in Fort Wayne in 2014. Moe Min was accepted into the Habitat homeownership program in April 2022 with a unique opportunity to purchase a home by the end of the year. Moe proved to be an extremely hard worker and flew through his 200 hours of sweat equity and eight financial and homeownership education classes, completing the program in record time.

As a single dad, Moe Min enjoys spending time with his two children fishing and playing board games. He’s proud of his kids and is most excited to provide them each with a bedroom of their own. 




I’m excited for my kids to enjoy our first family holiday in our new home.


2022 Habitat Homeowner


As a mother of three, Amber applied to the Habitat program because she wanted the security of owning her own home along with more space for her family. From the start of the program, Amber was laser-focused on achieving her goals. She was always a bright light on the job site, ready to learn and take on any project given to her. 

As Amber settles into her new home she’s most excited for this first holiday with her children — spending quality family time in a home that is theirs. When asked what she is most proud of Amber said, “I’m proud that I accomplished what I put my mind to. And I’m so thankful for everyone who helped me in this process.” 




We have a lot of family BBQs and I can’t wait to host in a yard that’s my own.


2022 Habitat Homeowner


Alesia’s journey with Habitat began after meeting our previous CEO’s mom, Jone, in their shared GED classes. As they got to know one another Jone encouraged Alesia to apply for the Homeownership Program. Upon receiving her acceptance letter, Alesia’s first call was to Jone to share the news — “this was a God thing.”

As a mom and grandma, Alesia stays busy spending time with her family. A home of her own means she can host their family BBQs, decorate and paint each room any color she likes, “and I can move the refrigerator!” Homeownership also means she can eventually leave her home to one of her grandsons so he can one day have a place of his own.




This opportunity means more to me than I could ever say! 


2022 Habitat Homeowner


As a single mom, Sheridan admits that life gets very hard and stressful at times, but she says she never gives up. Becoming a homeowner is a symbol of a fresh start and something that Sheridan has always wanted to provide for her family. “I’m most excited to spend time with my kids in our new home and make memories with them.”

As every parent can relate, Sheridan is also excited for more storage space and a washer and dryer in a spacious laundry room. Each of her kids will have a room all to themselves to decorate and make their own.




Owning my own home is one of my dreams — it’s every American’s dream.


2022 Habitat Homeowner


As a lifelong renter, Tonya has always dreamt of owning her own home. She envisioned a bright blue front door (her signature color), a comfortable place to rest after a long day of work as a home health aide, and most of all hosting her children and grandchildren for the holidays.

With her dream of homeownership now a reality, Tonya is enjoying her home with her sweet cat Shadow. Once the weather warms up, she’s looking forward to relaxing on her new front porch which overlooks one of the beautiful Fort Wayne parks.




Mimpongo Family

Pathy and Margueritte emigrated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in 2010 became United States citizens. Since then, they’ve had four children, had outgrown their apartment, and didn’t always feel safe where they lived. It was their dream to become homeowners and provide their kids with a place to call home — a place to make memories.

Their family is now thriving in their new home. In their free time, the Mimpongos love cooking together, especially traditional African barbeque. You can often still find Margueritte on a Habitat build site treating our crew leads and volunteers to an amazing meal.

A big thank you goes to the volunteers and donors. We really appreciate their time, service, and money. They will always be in our prayers. We pray that God grants them good health, finances, and happiness.

The Mimpongo Family

2021 Habitat Homeowners



Lukesha is one of the kindest people you’ll meet. She is a full-time caretaker assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She loves her job, every day is something new, and she feels like those she cares for are an extension of her family. Lukesha describes her household as 2-1/2 people which includes her daughter A’Zirea (“Z”) and their dog, Baby Phat. 

At their home dedication Lukesha gushed, “I’m overjoyed, overwhelmed, I never thought (homeownership) would be possible for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I love you all!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you this dream would not come true. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God has smiled on me and my family because of you. -Love Kesha & Z”


Habitat Homeowner

The davis FAMILY


Tyrone is an extremely hard worker and dad to two boys. In 2020, he was ready to begin working towards his goal of homeownership and learn all he could through the Habitat program.

To Tyrone, homeownership meant providing a stable foundation not just for himself, but also for his sons — it was also a physical representation of proving to his sons that “no matter what you go through you can make it.”

“This is a blessing for me and my boys. This is all for them.”


Habitat Homeowner

Kalah Davis-Brown

Kalah Davis-Brown

Kalah is a hard-working and selfless woman who has a servant heart. She’s an ABA therapist who works with children with autism. She’s particularly close with a 12-year-old client of hers who lives with his elderly grandma who has asked Kalah to care for her grandson once she dies. Kalah says having a Habitat home will allow her to accept that responsibility and give the child a safe and stable place to be cared for.

When she’s not working, Kalah loves being active outdoors. She says she’s excited to be a homeowner because she now has a place that is truly her own – something she can be proud of.

“You will never know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. You continue to change lives everyday. I don’t want to just say thank you for me, but for everyone you have helped. You have given me the opportunity to give a 12-year-old child with autism a safe place to be when his grandmother needs help or a break. For that, I am so so so thankful. He means the world to me and I want nothing more than for him to have this too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


Habitat Homeowner

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