Habitat seeks to promote dignity and hope to families served to meet needs in a sustainable and transformational way.

Program Summary

Habitat is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating sub-standard housing. Since 1986, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne has built over 240 affordable, quality built homes for families in our community. The Habitat program allows families to purchase a stable and decent home with an affordable mortgage. Proceeds from monthly payments help build more homes in Allen, Huntington and Wells counties.

Qualified families invest time in what we call Sweat Equity – by taking classes to prepare them for homeownership, working on Habitat build sites, and eventually, helping to build their very own home. We typically build 1 or 2 story, 3 or 4 bedroom homes with 2 bathrooms depending upon the size of the family. We are not a custom home builder and have pre-set house designs and build locations.

Please consider Habitat’s application guidelines on this page. Any applicant who does not meet these criteria will not be approved.

How to Apply

Currently, we do not have our Home Ownership Application process open in Allen county. We expect to re-open this application process in Spring 2020 at the latest. If you would like to be notified of when the application re-opens, simply fill out your contact information in the form below.

What is Sweat Equity?

—Sweat Equity is the time your family must invest in Habitat by attending homeownership classes, volunteering at our ReStore, volunteering on Habitat builds,  and eventually helping to build your very own home.

An applicant must complete up to 400 hours of sweat equity, however some hours can also be donated by friends & family.

Are there any fees to apply?

There is a $15 application fee but no acceptance fee. Applicants will have some costs associated with closing fees as well.


If you have any questions at all about our process, simply contact our HomeWorks department by emailing tmoreland@habitatgfw.com or call 260.422.4828 ext. 303.

Interested in our homeownership program?

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There are three main criteria for applying for a Habitat home.

Ability to Pay

Need for Housing

Willingness to Partner

  • Any qualified applicants must meet the below income guidelines, based on gross (pre-tax) income per year
  • Our income guidelines are subject to change
  • All collections and judgements must be explainable and resolvable prior to closing on the home
  • At least 2 years after a bankruptcy
  • At least 2 years after a foreclosure
  • Debt-to-income ratios are reviewed to determine affordability
  • Financial need
  • Need assesed during in-home visit
  • Must be willing to complete required sweat equity hours
  • Attend homeowner education classes
  • Consent to background checks & sex offender registry check
  • Pay $1,000 toward the purchase of your home

Thank you to our 2019 HomeWorks Partners!

Benevolence Committee of Plymouth Congregational Church of Fort Wayne


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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.