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2023 Annual Report: TiAnna

TiAnna and kids

Partner Family Highlight

TiAnna Morris-Barnes

TiAnna and her children joined us at the 2023 ReStore Your Passion fundraiser to share how a safe, affordable home has changed their lives.

  • Becoming a homeowner, and having the opportunity to pass this down to my daughter when the time came, was the end goal. I was going to do all I could to make that happen.” — TiAnna, 2023 Habitat Homeowner

TiAnna and her two kids cutting ribbon at home dedication


Two years after her bankruptcy, TiAnna was determined to apply for the Habitat Homeownership Program and show her children homeownership was possible. TiAnna got a second job to help with saving money, and continued going to school, all while working hard to finish her 200 hours of sweat equity. Her dedication paid off when she closed on her new home in just 9 months!

Stability + Generational Wealth

  • “From the moment I joined the program, I felt nothing but welcomed and encouraged by Habitat staff and volunteers. Habitat offered me more than an affordable home. They’ve provided our family with an opportunity to create generational wealth for my children and provided a stable place for them to live and grow up where they know they’re safe.”


    Habitat Homeowner